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In cryptocurrency world less than 50% succeed in traders of bitcoins and other altcoins due to the main problem, The Volatility, no one can really know the outcome of its value and it became a real big hole to traders to sink in.

That’s why many companies trying to give a solution and only Gominer Company got a high impact strategy and system to successfully fights volatility, But first we need to know what is Gominer?

When Cryptocurrency is on its needs, Gominer is here to the rescue!

Gominer History

Gominer is considered as one of the pioneers in crytpocurrency world where they got a huge amount of bitcoin where it’s at the lowest. By 2017 they able to sell those bitcoin to the full price. Motivated by this outcome and helping the community they decide to have to private mining farm and inventing the current most powerful mining rig the GMX R1-C that i will explain later, and by 2019 they decide to share their expanded mining farm to the public and decide to launch to 1st token based cloud mining

Token Pre-Sale

During Gominer Token Sale 1,000,000,000 (GT) Gominer Token will be released for only 0.000136363$ per 1 GT, it has 7 rounds.

  • 1st round – 1 GT = $0.00136363  (September 20, 2019)
  • 2nd round – 1 GT = $0.00681815 
  • 3rd round – 1 GT = $0.0136363  
  • 4th round – 1 GT = $0.02045445  
  • 5th round – 1 GT = $0.0272726  
  • 6th round – 1 GT = $0.03409075  
  • 7th round – 1 GT = $0.0409089  

Basically, the price of the token goes up from 1 round to another. You can buy a 1 GT from the 1st round at $0.00136363 per token and sell it for $0.0409089 per token when the token selling is over. Or wait until all rounds is then and decide whatever price you want to sell it, or used in the list of merchants accepting GT.

Here’s the sample for how can you able to earn from it.

Lets say that you bought 10,000 tokens on the first round for 13.63 USD, after the last selling round at January 2020 your 10,000 GT’s are now 409.09 USD.

Therefore, your 10,000 GT’s made you earn 395.46 USD! or more! Depends on how you use it!


This was sent from above! To all mining rigs out there this one is the most unique and usable traits improving profits and fighting cryptocurrency by how? GMX R1-C is a multi-miner where you can mine multiple algorithm (bitcoins and altcoins) to be exact 6 algo, all at the same time and with its unique algorithm that can detect the most profitable coins at the moment and automatically switch it,

So for example bitcoin fall-down to 20% but the other altcoins increased by 20% so the out come is the same or be additional profit. Miners can’t almost feel the volatility by this system, and it happens time by time. Cool? But there’s more, were not getting started yet! Because of their cooling system it consumes less electricity than normal rigs also, GMX R1-C parts are upgradable and got an extra chip for future purposes foreshadowing in their roadmap for GMX R2 were can mine more than GMX R1.

Bounty System

Gominer Bounty System is Similar to Referral and Invite your friends system, But Gominer Bounty System is Limited Per Gominer Token Sale Rounds, Also Bounty System allows you to receive 5% more bonus by just using the invite link from your Leader(Friends or Random users). and also your Leader/Inviter can receive a bonus and You will receive a 1% of your Leaders Earnings Weekly. What is the Inviter Rewards and Benefits?You Will Instantly Receive 50 GH when someone use your Link Upon Signing Up.

If someone use your Invite link upon Signing Up, You will Receive a 10% of Hashpower Everytime your Bounties Purchase a Contract. and Weekly You will Receive a Total of 1% From All Your Bounties Earnings. What is the Benefits of using a Invite link? You Will Receive a 5% of Bonus Everytime you Purchase a Hashpower Contract. So in short unlimited earnings! the earlier you join, the easier to earn in this system!


For more info you can visit
https://gominer.co and check their one pager white paper for more detailed explanation. They will launch September, 20, 2019 so better keep that date! To experience a new level of mining.

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