Gominer Review


Starting from 2017 when bitcoin hit the highest price in the market. Mining Companies boost up their investors to invest in bitcoin believing its price will go up and expecting for higher probability to increase their profit by that way bitcoin mining is the one of the hottest growing business worldwide.


In the year of 2018, after a year when bitcoin hit the highest value, following the most unpredictable moment in the industry, bitcoin fell down more than half of its value until early 2019. It is considered as cryptocurrency’s biggest downfall due to bitcoin’s value became so low making many mining companies, Miners and Traders lose hope.

The Rise

This 2019, Bitcoin unbelievably cope up and continuously increase its value and almost hitting 15,000 USD which is almost 75% of its peak value. Mining Companies became alive again and the world of crypto is rattling on this news. It can probably hit more than 20,000 USD by looking at its statistics, surveys and cryptocurrency analyst. Due to this reason many miners are looking for a legitimate mining company to invest on.

Gominer Company

This company is considered as one of the most trusted company in mining industry, even though they only decide to open their mining service to the public today. Now, we’re going to check the company’s possibility for being a legitimate company.

By Google Search this were the main thing to check by appraising a company

  • Website and Age of Domain – By checking on google, we found out that their domain age is already 2 years. This is a must and a thing that other cannot manipulate. On their website, they have a lot of features not only cloud mining, you can also use their staking platform and exchange platform in the future. My favorite feature in this site is their social media. You can freely use their social media and can also send GoTokens (Gominer Token) to your friends or associate on this feature. With a well optimized and a user friendly site,  it is reeasonable that this company recieved a good score is on trust reviews and legitimate chck sites and even people from crypto industry. You can also get their own application which is available for download in Google Playstore so you may able to access their services on mobile.
  • Whitepaper – The company has a strong Whitepaper that got my attention. Information and technicality matches the current technology compared to other promising technology that is not realistic. The company’s white paper is very detailed to the point that its technicalities bacame hard to understand for normal people. On the other hand, reading it is understandable for readers.
  • Company Roadmap –  It is clear that gominer has a strong foundation in crypto industry and have a realistic plan. Honestly, I myself is looking forward on their gominer debit card and the GMX R2, just thinking about their existing GMX R1-C which can mine Multiple algorithm at the same time that automatically mines the most profitable currencies. Then what is going to be featured on the GMX R2? by making my own research, i figured out that they will stll be using the body of the GMX R1 but some parts of it will be upgraded and updated and it will still be able to mine more than 5 algorithms. But we are not sure about that at the moment. Second is about their Debit Card, in my own opinion, this thing is possible because of their numerous merchants, it will be an ingenious way to have their owned debit card that can easily access to all current and future merchants online or store.
  • Fundraising Goals – Actually Gominer Company is one of the pioneers in the cryptocurrency industry and had real advantage when bitcoin value is on the lowest. They got to fund and start a mining business and even developed their own mining rig, called the GMX R1-C that can mine multiple algorithm that will be available on the market this year.

By making a research and checking multiple reviews in all over the internet, we can see say that Gominer is somehow legit. I will continue making an update review about this company from time to time.

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